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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School


Here is the information you will need for Spring Term in Nursery.

Our Nursery team is:
Linda Nicholls – Class Teacher/EY SENCO
Judy Cadogan - Class Teacher/Key worker
Natasha Plested - Nursery Nurse/Key worker
Denise Miguel - Nursery Nurse/Key worker
Fay Gale - Early years practitioner/Key worker
Joe Wine - Early years practitioner/Active play leader

Our topic is:
Bears and colours

Books we will be sharing:

Brown Bear Brown Bear
Goldilocks and the three bears
It’s the Bear!
Can’t you sleep little bear?
We’re going on a bear hunt
Peace at last


Please come in with your child every morning to choose a book to share at home.

Other information:

At home can you talk about colours in the environment, identify colours, go on colour hunts and discuss colours when sharing books or completing artwork.

Please remember to give your child opportunities to practice holding a pencil with a three finger tripod grip. They can practice tracing and forming their name letters as well as drawing faces/people.


Many thanks,

The Nursery Team.