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Welcome to John Donne Primary School

The website contains much of the information that you will want to know about the school and we hope that you will find it useful.

John Donne School is situated in the heart of Peckham, a vibrant, exciting and multi-cultural area in South East London. We provide a curriculum which is strong in the arts and sports, as well as a school provision which offers care from 7.45 a.m. until 6.00 p.m. daily and during the summer break.

As an independent academy, the school has responsibility for its own admissons, although applications for reception places still need to be returned to Southwark Local Authority by the agreed deadline. The school is also able to be more creative around curriculum themes and further develop its role in supporting other schools both locally and nationally.

Please contact us if there is anything else you need to know or wish to discuss. We are always ready to meet with parents or carers. A telephone call to the office is the best way to arrange a meeting.

We welcome all parents and children to our school and hope you will enjoy your years as part of our school community.

Simon Wattam & Nick Tildesley
Joint Headteachers


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John Donne Primary School Company Number: 8791046