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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

Request for Leave of Absence

The Education (Pupil Registration)(England)(Amendment) Regulations 2013, state that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The Headteacher is also required to determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if leave is granted.

Please be aware that any absence during term time is proven to be very detrimental, as your child misses important lessons, creating 'gaps' in their understanding of key concepts can they can find it difficult to catch up.  This could potentially have a serious impact on their academic development and attainment.  Children can also find it difficult to manage friendships and classroom dynamics when they have missed key school events at the beginning and end of a term.

If you wish to apply for a leave of absence you will need to request a form from the school office.  Please read the notes below before completing and returning the form:

  1. The Education (pupil registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulation 2013, state that you  DO NOT have the right to take your child/ren out of school during term-time. The education needs of your child take priority at all times.
  2. The law only allows the school to grant permission for leave in the event of exceptional circumstances. Your request may be refused if it is not agreed that the reason for absence is exceptional.  So please do not book any travel ticket without getting the schools permission first.
  3. Family weddings, cheaper airline tickets, family reunions and children’s birthdays are not generally considered to be exceptional circumstances.
  4. Visiting relatives who are unwell is also NOT normally a valid reason to disrupt your child’s learning.  If that relative requires care and support this should ideally be only while your child remains attending school.
  5. You MUST always apply for permission before you take your child out of school with supporting documentation evidence that you will fill will support your request.
  6. If you take your child out of school WITHOUT permission, you may be referred to the EWO (Education Welfare Officer) who may issue both the parents/carers with a £60 fine per parent per child rising to £120 if not paid within 28 days.  Then the matter may then be referred to the courts.
  7. As well as all the points above, we take into account exams and SAT’S dates, your child’s attendance and punctuality record, as well as their level of academic achievement or support needed around their learning in school.
  8. You will be required to have a meeting with a member of the school’s senior leadership team to discuss the absence request prior to any possible approval.
  9. If your leave request is approved and you then return to school after the date agreed, the school reserves the right to record the entire leave period as unauthorized absence.