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To be happy, curious and successful members of our local and global communities, we know that the children of John Donne will need to not only achieve highly in reading, writing and mathematics, but also need to thrive in creativity, the arts, their passions and beyond. Our children need to see themselves as expert learners (e.g. as mathematicians, scientists, historians etc) and to understand how they learn best.

Our curriculum approach enables children to become leaders of their own learning, active in their communities, and values educating the whole child, so they can live well in order to learn well. 

Our curriculum is:

  • Strengthening - our focus on personal and social skills and celebrating individuality builds every child's self-belief and confidence.
  • Skills-focused - it gives our children skills for jobs of the future including initiative, resilience, collaboration, creativity, problem solving and independence.
  • Adaptive and responsive - to the interests and passions of the children, and to issues affecting our children's lives.
  • Aspirational and inspirational - it inspires curiosity, challenges them, and shows our children the range of opportunities available to them in their future lives.
  • Community building - it builds a sense of the class and school community, forming strong relationships so that we can achieve and have fun together. It also values building links with our wider community. 
  • Empowering - it gives our children leadership opportunities and a sense of assertiveness that they can change the world around them for the better.
  • Reflective - it gives our children chances to learn by making mistakes and taking risks, and teaches them the value of reflecting on the progress they have made.