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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

Red Reception

Dear Parents and Carers,

This half term and next half term Reception will be learning about Storytelling; our project focus is “How do you tell a story?”

We are telling traditional tales to support our understanding and application of phonics for our reading and writing. The stories this half term are “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “The Elves and the Shoemaker” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”. We are introducing our Phase 3, digraphs, when two letters make one sound, the focus will be on: sh, ch, th, ee, oa. We are continuing to learn and apply our tricky words to make sentences. We enjoy listening to the Tricky words songs and finding words in the classroom in our books and the environment. We are reading with our teachers 1:1 every week and we are learning how to sound out and blend the sounds together for reading. There will be Family Phonics workshops to explain how to support your child with their reading and writing. Look out for Mrs Moyler’s Family Phonics Workshops in the Sunshine Room.

We are developing our language and communication with our daily songs and we have been learning some poetry too and thinking about rhyming words. Our daily access to the environment supports our understanding and language development. We are using the Helicopter Story approach to create our own stories, act them out and we have started to develop our own Reception Storytelling books where we share our stories and illustrate them. We are enjoying talking about stories we like and things we do with our families and friends. We are thinking about growing and looking at plants and flowers now that Spring is coming.

Every day we play listening games and think about how we are feeling, we have introduced our Zones of Regulation to support us in developing language and strategies to think about how we feel and what we can do to help ourselves and our friends. We enjoy sharing picture books to talk about our feelings too.

To develop our understanding of number and space, shape and measure we sing daily counting songs, we use our fingers and hands to support our counting, thinking about different ways of making five. We are learning about estimation, having a really good guess and we are beginning to learn about addition and subtraction. We like to use concrete objects, Numicon, the Marvellous Maths number tiles and the Let’s Think programme to develop our reasoning skills and thinking about maths. We have been making patterns with objects in our classroom too.

Our PE is focused on developing balance and agility skills, we have been going on adventures and thinking about why we exercise and drink water. We are developing our gross motor skills through movement and we are going to be developing our throwing and catching with our new basketball nets in the playground. Our daily playdough and sensory activities support our fine motor development, these are linked with our story and phonics topics.

As part of our Expressive Art and Design we are thinking about our skills, how to create puppets using split pins, how to construct objects and connect them with glue, sticky tape and giving time for painting and drawing to develop our interests. Our weekly music sessions are focused on developing our understanding of key music terms, and finding the beat.

We would like to invite you to share your favourite stories with your child. Next half term we will invite you to come into the classroom to share stories together.  If you have any questions at any time, please come and speak with the Class Teachers and EYFS staff.  Thank you.


Kind regards,

Miss Kelleher, Miss Kimber and Reception team