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School Council

Like many other schools we have a school council.

This is a system which is for pupils to take part in changing and improving the school.

Every year, pupils from each class (years 3-6) have to elect a new school council representative. The pupils who wish to be nominated have to write a manifesto to persuade their classmates to vote for them. Each class holds a democratic election to decide on who their representative will be. These people are then announced in assembly.

The school council have a Chair person who was elected by the school council. This person runs the meetings according to the agenda and meets regularly with the head teachers.

Each meeting is held to listen to any suggestions or problems that have occurred and been brought up within the classroom and playground. We also run school discos, discuss fundraising, decide, or give feedback, on any important changes that could be occurring throughout the school.

This year we are going to be focusing on improving the wildlife garden, organising the summer disco and lots more exciting projects!!


Class Members
Year 6 Chelsea - Chair
Year 6 Daniel R. - Vice Chair 
Year 6 Abisola
Year 6 Khalid
Year 6 Mariella
Year 6 Maeva
Year 5 Dejah
Year 5 Acacia
Year 5 Caleb
Year 5 Chardonye
Year 4 Aize
Year 4 Adesola
Year 4 Hollie
Year 4 Osazee
Year 3 Amina
Year 3 Joshua
Year 3 Karen
Year 3 Bo Han