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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

Healthy Schools

How we achieved it...

Using the Healthy Schools guidelines, we discussed with the children, through school council, how we could make school dinners healthier and more enjoyable. As a direct result of these discussions we have employed a full time school chef who is able to create a more interesting and child focused menu. We taught about healthy eating, across all of the year groups, in both classes and assemblies. We ran healthy food events, enabling the children to create healthy recipes and food.

The school travel plan was updated annually, and through this we have been able to provide bicycle racks for both staff and students throughout the school. The school promoted Walk On Wednesdays (WOW), encouraging children to walk with their parents and carers to school. The children were given badges and stickers for participation.

What effect does it have on the children's learning?

Most children have school dinners for lunch now. There is a huge reduction in the amount of food being disposed of, because children are eating their whole dinners, giving them more energy for their afternoon classes.

Children gain more exercise from walking to school. They are happier and more alert when they arrive at school, giving them a positive start to the day. All children have an understanding of what it means to be healthy and can make healthier choices, both inside and outside of school time. Because of the Travel Plan, the traffic outside the school gates has been slowed down, using a rise in the road, and no paring lines and signs have been added, to create a safer entrance for the children.

Next steps...

  • Using the School Council, the children will have an ongoing discussion about school dinners.
  • Around the World themed lunches.
  • Annual cycle training for children in year 5 & 6 (on the road).
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

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