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John Donne Primary School

John Donne Primary School

School Choir

We are lucky enough to be blessed with pupils who adore singing and are willing to put in many hours rehearsing to make the sound they do today. As a choir, we audition each term for new members although we ensure that we have a solid foundation of hard working pupils who can stay with the choir throughout their years at John Donne.

We have appointed a choir committee who audition new members each term and collectively decide if they have the type of voice that we are looking for. The perseverance of our pupils is truly inspirational and we see many children who don’t get in the first time round, auditioning again and again!

The school choir started performing for the whole school, other primary schools and nursing homes to get them used to performing in front of an audience, and over the past few years, they keep getting better and better! During a rehearsal, we start with silly warm ups to get our bloody flowing and to help with our concentration. We use actions to remember the words and we sometimes play games in order to help us keep our energy levels up!!

In previous years, our JD Singers have recorded an advert for a website called “”. You can watch the advert and listen to our choir singing click here. Furthermore, our JD singers recorded their first song for an album produced and written by music composer Nitin Sawhney. All the children have worked extremely hard and we are proud to have been asked to provide the backing chorus for an amazingly talented artist. Nitin's project in 2011 was to provide the music for the tv programme "Human planet" in which our dear friend and teacher Miss Eska Mtungwazi provided the vocals with Nitin composing the music. We were very proud to be part of such an amazing opportunity and we hope that this may lead on to more exciting projects for the JD singers Do you want to hear them sing?!! Use the link and enjoy!! Can you hear them in the background of the chorus?!!

Mrs Alice Grant is our wonderful singing teacher who has enabled the JD singers go from strength to strength! She has taught them technique, pitch and presentation which resulted in them performing on BBC Breakfast News on 24th December 2011!! They sang ‘silent night’ and they even had their own fan mail!!! We hope to get invited back to sing yet another amazing Christmas song!!

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