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Why Train With Us?

We offer teacher training in creative and innovative schools. You will have access to expert teachers from whom you can learn the art of teaching. You will also learn the very latest in theory and research on which our teaching rests. On completion, you will be well-equipped to teach in schools in inner city London and across the world.

The John Donne partnership is a school-based model of teacher training, where students are based in a school within the partnership for an academic year. It is a dynamic programme of practical learning and academic study, which allows students to develop their skills and prepares them for their teaching career.  We are a Lead Delivery Partner of Goldsmiths College.

Students work in a classroom alongside an experienced teacher and will gradually build up their teaching responsibility across the year. Students are released for approximately 40 days to complete academic study at Goldsmiths College. There is also the opportunity to work at another contrasting school within the partnership for a 6-week placement. The course is unsalaried.

We are proud of the fact that this programme leads to the award of the highly prestigious Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), with 60 Master's credits, and QTS. Our programme is assessed through observations of classroom competency, evidence to show the ability to meet the Department for Education Professional Standards as well as a series of academic assignments.

The programme covers all the National Curriculum subjects, and in each curriculum area students have the opportunity to develop understanding of the teaching and learning process, and to learn about effective classroom practice.

In addition to the work in classrooms and the academic studies, students will benefit from a professional studies programme. It is designed to provide school-focused learning with a particular spotlight on practical issues for students in their everyday practice. Students will have the opportunity to visit a variety of other schools in the partnership, to learn about different approaches to teaching and learning, and some chances to reflect on their learning and progress on the programme.

Students will be provided with a variety of support across their training year including both a school and university based mentor who will work with the student to develop a bespoke developmental plan to improve teaching practice.